About Us

Let’s make life beautiful.

Life, a precious gift, must be lived to the fullest. That’s what we believe in.
The arts and crafts have fascinated me since my childhood. Though passionate about creativity, I did never extend it beyond my sweet home. Did never think of taking it as profession. Still I have not. I do not need one. It all happened as an accident than by design. The events of life landed me in a situation away from the confines of homely compulsions and responsibilities. The situation only prompted me to channelize my energies and creativity for more positive purposes. The idea and inspiration instantly came from my mother who was largely committed to the social cause. I grew watching her doing lot of creative works. I used to spend most of my time in paintings and drawings while playing with riots of colours on paper, fabric and later on canvas. My love, interest and fascination for nature inspired me to opt for Biology as my line of studies and did my post graduation in Botany. Blooming flowers and smallest movement of theirs mesmerized me. I was so astonished to see the miracles of nature when every morning I observed small bud blooming into a beautiful flower with its sweet fragrance. The perseverance, confidence and a strong will to quench my thirst for crafting have driven me to this platform.
As I believe that flowers are the best medium of expressing the warmth of love. Today my passion, my dreams and, of course, circumstances brought me to this platform of creative world. I decided to go into this art form of flower making. I learned these some 25 years back but I realised techniques have changed with passage of time. I tried and tried and tried until I did not achieve the best results. I have created this arena of intricately and passionately handcrafted flowers where you will find flowers for all occasions. These floral bouquets and arrangements are created in such a manner that you can smell the fragrance too…straight from my mind, heart and soul.
It is not me alone in this journey. There are numerous other creators of varying tastes and fields as well. It was very natural for me to create a heaven for all crafters, a place, a destination for all craft lovers to get all their crafting needs under one roof. With this idea, I decided to stock crafting material for all lovely crafters making them at ease to source all their crafting requirements from one place.
This is just a beginning…and miles to go with all your love and support. Our vision is to get each and every craft supply to you at your doorstep with the best prices and services and make crafting super fun for you all.

With love and regards,

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